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Arthemia magazine WordPress theme

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Arthemia is a magazine style WordPress theme that highlights large content areas and allows quick and easy navigation created by its good hierarchical structure. This is a tried and best WordPress theme that combines the best of a magazine and blog style website. Numerous special features allow you to painlessly drop in content and images as well as keep a thorough and neat category structure that helps with readability and navigation.

Through different page layouts and thumbnails you can create a packed page full of articles and information. The homepage is equipped with a slider allowing you to showcase a headline story as well as an interactive featured list which allows your viewers to navigate through featured stories easily.

With all these articles there needs to be a clear structure which allows the viewer to navigate through all the information posted and select what they want. Arthemia does this and does this well. You can create categories for different areas such as \'art and design\', \'travel\' etc. and even specify different colors for each category, allowing your viewers to easily distinguish from one category to the other and also helps stylize your website and bring it to life.

Coupled with the category system, Arthemia also comes equipped with a two-tier drop down menu integrated into the header which is needed when dealing with as much information as an online magazine does. Readers can easily navigate your content and areas.

Arthemia also comes with a full responsive layout across all devices, whether it is being viewed on a tablet, smartphone or full-PC resolution your content is always delivered at the highest quality and maximum readability.

With the focus on content, navigation and readability and the ease of use for the creator this theme is great for anyone trying to establish themselves as an online magazine mogul.

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